Short track


Supporting NASCAR teams provides the cornerstone to Pro-Systems’ business and reputation. Brake dyno testing and pre-bedding on our unique, exclusive brake dynamometers, helps teams maximize their performance and better utilize their practice times. And being located in the heart of NASCAR country means our relationships with the teams are very close, often bringing their components right to our door.

Whatever you need for your stock car’s braking system – from NASCAR to ARCA to truck to Xfinity to Late Model to short track – we probably have it as this is the most comprehensive group of components we offer. Kits, calipers, rotors, hats, pedal assemblies, master cylinders, pads, wheel studs, and of course, pre-race bedding and dyno testing are in our portfolio.





We design, develop, test and manufacture rotors here in North Carolina and we can build the right ones for your needs.



There is more to braking than the pieces within the wheels. The driver’s interaction with the braking system begins with the pedal assembly in front of his seat. We ensure you have the right equipment to make braking a seamless, comfortable activity.



These friction compounds are designed to minimize wear of the pad-rotor system, while maintaining optimum bite, brake modulation and pedal feel.



Featured Short track Products

  • Dirt Late Model Rotors

    Alcon DIV2207X390

  • Brake Bias Pressure Gauges

    Accurately check and adjust front / rear brake pressure bias

  • NEW

    Late Model / Modified Asphalt Rotors