Brake Pad
And Rotor

Brake Bedding


Pro-System brake bedding ensures all our rotors and pads are ready to race and require no further break-in beyond warming up on the out lap. We have two fully automated, computer-controlled electric brake dynos that are used for bedding, testing and development of brake parts. The automated bedding sequence uses the correct inertia and cycle time for the job to ensure you are getting the highest quality parts available and that they are the same specification time after time. Drivers and teams have more than enough to be concerned with during a race weekend or a private test day. Using this service means you do not have to waste valuable track time or money bedding brakes.

The Benefits
Week after week in NASCAR and Professional Sports Car racing we continue to redefine excellence to our customers. While most customers elect to use our recommendations and time-proven bedding programs, we also offer them the option of developing their own proprietary ones.

We were the first to offer pre-bedded pads and rotors more than 22 years ago and we are still the best!
To avoid thermal shock, with our bedded rotors as well as with any rotor, they should be warmed up on the out lap. They do not have to be red hot, just warmed up, which will help prevent premature cracking. This is especially true in oval racing at intermediate and speedway tracks or on road courses with long straights or cool off periods during laps.

We have special rotors to bed pads and also keep a vast selection of pads and compounds for bedding rotors. We have fixturing to mount virtually all the racing rotors and calipers and a lot of OEM components. When a customer sends us rotors or pads that we have not run in the past, we make short work out of getting the job done. We have an in-house CNC machine shop, manual mill and lathe plus fabrication facilities to make virtually any component we need for the bedding job.
Pro-System was the first to innovate and perfect pad and rotor bedding, which has become a service that has gained worldwide acceptance.
Why Pro-System?
The Pro-System Team All Come From a Rich and Diverse Background in Motorsports.
We have spent decades at many different types of racetracks – and like everyone in the sport, much of that time spent testing. Pro-System’s background is diverse within our 100-percent racing heritage. Everyone you come in contact with has a long history in professional racing and many years focusing on brake systems for race cars. The lessons learned at the track went into development of the bedding, testing and product-development work performed here.
If you are involved in NASCAR, IMSA, World Challenge, Trans-Am, short-track stock-car racing or vintage racing, you might have met some of our folks at the track .