Dyno Testing


Teams in virtually all forms of racing spend more track time testing components and setups, while preparing the car for racing, than they do actually racing. Reliable data is difficult and very expensive to obtain. Consequently, teams do not have reliable information to determine which components would provide the best results. In some professional series, sanctioning bodies are limiting on-track testing as a means of reducing overall costs. Test days are becoming more and more expensive, so bench testing is becoming more attractive. Since 1994 Pro-System has achieved an unequaled reputation in motorsports for developing, testing and packaging the best brake systems.

Pro-System has designed and built proprietary computer-controlled brake dynamometers to evaluate brake system components by simulating actual race conditions. We have the experience to design testing programs involving, rotors, pads, calipers, upright / spindle, brake fluid, pressure seals, master cylinders, pedal systems, and wheels – indeed virtually every component in and around the brakes – these pieces can be tested as a complete system for the most accurate prediction of on-track performance. And each component can be isolated out of the system for highly specific test data.

The Benefits
Dyno Testing is Significantly More Cost Effective than on Track Testing
It is clear why utilizing our in-house dyno testing can benefit any motorsport team providing significant savings in manpower, time and travel which can be used in other areas of your program.
We have saved hundreds of customers valuable track time by providing them with components that are race ready. Week after week in NASCAR and Professional Sports Cars we continue to redefine excellence for our customers. While most customers elect to use our recommendations and time-proven bedding programs, we also offer customers the option of developing their own proprietary programs.

Our customers are literally the Who’s Who of professional motorsports. We are trusted by the world’s top teams and component manufacturers to provide accurate, reliable, repeatable and confidential data.

We provide professional unbiased set up and testing for your single component or entire system. Our in-house CNC machine shop allows quick work of specialized fixturing or component adaptation. We also offer analysis of your system design and performance. We can design a dyno program that will provide you with real world data. Results which are repeatable and accurate.

Pro-System can provide technical and engineering assistance at any level of the test program.

We have years of experience testing friction material and pad design with many major friction companies. Our dynamometers have been used in the development of some of the leading components on the market today. Put our experience to work for you.
Brake systems are one of the most critical components of a well balanced racecar but many professional teams do not have accurate and reliable brake testing programs.
Why Pro-System?
We have spent decades at many different types of racetracks – and like everyone in the sport, much of that time spent testing. Pro-System’s background is diverse within our 100-percent racing heritage. Everyone you come in contact with has a long history in professional racing and many years focusing on brake systems for race cars. The lessons learned at the track went into development of the bedding, testing and product-development work performed here.
If you are involved in NASCAR, IMSA, World Challenge, Trans-Am, short-track stock-car racing or vintage racing, you might have met some of our folks at the track