RSR Caliper

Porsche historic, grass roots racing, street rods

Product Details



  • Aluminum alloy housing with exceptional properties at elevated temperatures.
  • Developed and performance tested on our in-house brake dynamometers.
  • Internal parts interchangeable with Porsche 930 calipers.
  • High temp seal material as used in professional racing applications.
  • All parts made in USA.
  • “Long Lug” rear caliper fits 930 rear control arm.
  • “Short Lug” rear caliper fits non-turbo rear trailing arm including early / mid-year S & SC models
  • All mounting hardware included in kit, together with installation instructions & torque specifications.
  • Calipers assembled with brake fluid compatible paste to prevent seals drying out over time.
  • Each caliper individually pressure tested before shipping.


  • Brake rotors machined from unique cast iron formulation – proven and phenomenally successful in professional racing.
  • All rotor are pre-bedded and ready for use.
  • Made in USA


  • Pads available in a wide range of compounds utilizing the original RSR / 930 pad shape.
  • All brake pads supplied by Pro-System are pre-bedded and ready for use.


Position Piston size Part Number
Left Front 4 x 38mm CAR.100355
Right Front 4 x 38mm CAR.100356
Left Rear 3.5” mounting 4 x 30mm CAR.100357
Right Rear 3.5” mounting 4 x 30mm CAR.100358
Left Rear 3.0” mounting 4 x 30mm CAR.100359
Right Rear 3.0” mounting 4 x 30mm CAR.100360


Description Part Number
bleed screw, M10x1 BLW.100106
dust cap, bleed screw BRE05150220
bridge pipe, left BRR.100365
bridge pipe, right BRR.100366
banjo bolt FIR.100323
banjo FIR.100334
copper washer PSY06219313
rear piston, 30mm PIR.100374
front piston, 38mm PIR.100375
rear 30mm seal SER.100314
front 38mm seal SER.100315
rear 30mm scraper seal SER.100332
rear 38mm scraper seal SER.100333