Pagid RSH

Racing brake pads for Historic Cars

RSH compounds are developed to comply with the latest requirements in historic racing and meet or surpass all current ecological standards of the automotive industry. Available model years in the extensive application range starts in the late 50s and goes up to the 90s.

Product Details


The RSH 3 is an organic compound optimized for sprint races with historic cars. Due to the perfect combination of the main characteristics we can offer a wide application range. It captivates with its high initial bite and excellent modulation and release characteristics.

Application range: Useable for Rally, GT and Touring cars for circuit racing and also for club racing.


The RSH 29E is excellent for endurance racing with historic cars. It convinces with its long pad and disc life and requires less pedal effort during the race. A further advantage is the constant friction level over a wide range of temperatures.

Application range: Typical purposes are GT and Touring cars in endurance races. Due to its friction level you can also use it in sprint races as well.

RSH 42

The characteristics of RSH 42 make this material appropriate for small formula cars. Furthermore you can use it as rear axle compound in combination with the RSH 29E on the front axle.

Application range: An excellent classic rally pad which is also very popular in small formula cars.