Our Products

Pro-System develops, tests, and manufactures the very best high performance braking system components in motorsports plus we offer many other racing products and components. We design and manufacturer our own brake rotors, rotor hats, mounting hardware caliber studs and other components.



Pro-System's state of the art pedal assemblies feature an exclusive, next generation integrated balance bar design that alleviates pressure variations as well as provides the driver with positive feedback. These pedal assemblies are a major step forward in both chassis and brake control. Replacement pedal assemblies are available for other manufacturers.

Our Pedal Assemblies Feature:

  • Integrated Balance Bar Design
  • Elimination of Pressure Variations
  • Positive Feedback from Pedal to Driver
  • The right amount of adjustment in a no compromise design
  • Designed and Manufactured by Pro-System
  • Excellent value without compromise in quality or materials


Pro-System's professional racing brake rotors bring drivers closer than they have ever experienced to the elusive consistency in pedal feel and brake control-lap after lap.

Our Brakes Feature:

  • Design Features representing our company's decades of experience testing, racing, and evaluating brake rotor design and performance
  • Universal Floating System
  • Machined in house - made in USA.
  • Built by people who understand brakes and racing

Brake Fans

Pro-System's high volume brake fans produce the most airflow of any fan on the market. Our highly efficient NACA airfoil fan design in conjunction with our proprietary housing design minimizes turbulent airflow while maintaining maximum and consistent volume.

Our Brake Fans Feature:

  • High Efficiency NACA Airfoil Fan
  • Turbulence Eliminating Housing Design
  • Highly Efficient Brush Motor

Custom Brake Caliper Bracket Ordering

As with hats, over the years we have produced caliper brackets to fit many applications. We stock some of the popular caliper brackets that we have made. 

In order to produce a quality bracket we need virtually the same info we use to produce the hat in addition to the following:

  • The caliper manufacturer & part #, the rotor manufacturer and part # and the pad part # (There are installation drawings available for virtually all racing calipers, for OEM calipers we usually have to create one)
  • The caliper mounting plane on the spindle, upright or hub carrier relative to the hub face & axle centerline – radial dimensions (if it’s a racing caliper we probably have this information).
  • Caliper offset – In the case of a lug mount caliper, the caliper mounting plane relative to the rotor centerline; in the case of a radial mount caliper – the center of the mounting holes to the rotor centerline – an axial dimension (for racing calipers we probably have this information).
  • The caliper mount stud or bolt thread information from the spindle, upright or hub carrier.
  • In cases where changes are being made in caliper part #, rotor diameter or caliper offset or other component change is being made then the fit inside the wheel or clearance to other components is the responsibility of the customer. We have a lot of experience with this and can help. 

Custom Brake Caliper Mounting Studs, Nuts, Washers and Shims

We stock a good number of different caliper studs in the popular diameters of 10mm, 12mm and 3/8”. To produce a unique stud we would need the information from the caliper and component that the stud will be used in. All threads are rolled formed. Stud material used includes 4340 heat treated steel and 17-4PH stainless steel. 4340 steel studs are finished with Manganese Phosphate and Teflon coating can be added if desired.  

We stock the Jet Nuts plus AN and NAS washers. All jet nuts are not the same! Ours are the correct nuts used in aerospace applications and are of the best quality at fair prices.

For proper caliper alignment we have shim kits with shims for the 10mm (3/8”) & 12mm studs to set caliper height and for the typical 7/16” caliper mount bolts or studs to set offset. These are packaged into 3 separate kits according to shim ID and we have found that one or more of these kits will cover virtually every application in achieving optimal alignment of the caliper.