For over 20 years Pro-System has been developing, testing, manufacturing and selling high performance brake system components used in motorsports, serving a variety of venues.

Our knowledge and experience is real and unprecedented in our field. Our technical sales and engineering professionals have years of experience at the team and manufacturing levels including working on and driving race cars with many professional championships earned. From track side support to bench testing, product design, data gathering and analysis we can help you with development and application at all levels of motorsports. Please take a moment to get to know Pro-System by looking at our bio pages on this site. 

We have the dedicated machinery necessary to manufactures and test brake systems and related components. We design and built our brake testing dynamometers which have been used by professional racing teams, manufactures and sanctioning bodies in testing virtually every component related to the brake system. Many brake pad manufactures whose pads are currently or have in the past two decades been preferred in professional racing utilized our dynamometers in the development of their products. Our dynos are used by customers to test and evaluate brake pads, calipers, seals, rotors, cooling systems, fluid, spindles, uprights, wheels and more. We developed the definitive bench tests to evaluate brake system components and accurately predict on track performance.

We were the first to pre bed brake pads and rotors, offering our proprietary process over 20 years ago. Today we are still the leader and many top professional teams use our service. 

Components manufactured in our plant include brake hats, rotors, caliper & rotor mounting hardware, pedal assemblies, balance bars, limited production calipers and more. USA made parts that we design and/or manufacture through one of our partners include wheel studs, lug nuts, center lock wheel hardware, bleed screws and other brake hardware. We sell the top brands of brake pads in racing.

Our SRS800 Brake Cooling Fans are very popular with thousands sold the world over. Full performance and application data is on this site.

Our Technical Section has information that can help you achieve the best brake performance.

We hope you find this site useful and will come back often.